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Cruising through Midfulness #01

Cruising Through Mindfulness

We believe that Mindfulness needs to be learned theoretically, practically and physically to be fully understood. Therefore, we have specifically designed Cruising through mindfulness as an experiential day which will combine a theoretical framework with practical exercises to enable all delegates you to utilise mindfulness in their daily lives.

Our Practical Mindfulness sessions are designed to incorporate individual learning styles including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic to enable all delegates to absorb maximum benefit.

This unique experience is held aboard our 60ft narrow boat, gently cruising at 4mph through the Cheshire countryside, ambling past green pastures and farms in direct contact with nature and wildlife. Stress is left at the landing stage !

This is a full day starting at 9.30 am, finishing between 4.30 - 5 pm, and includes all refreshments and a Buffet Lunch.

Places are limited to groups of 6 people to maximise learning and enjoyment.
Cost = £130 per person.

Workshop content

The Effects of Stress and how Mindfulness Can Help

Stress - effects on Physical and Mental Health

Mindfulness – Statistics / Research
What it is / What it isn’t

Using mindfulness to reduce stress

Neuroscience and Mindfulness

8 Practical Mindfulness sessions, 4 Group work with individual attention focused activities
(Each session is followed by Individual / Group Feedback)

Throughout the day there are a number of 'optional' opportunities to operate the tiller.

Workshop Summary and Learning Outcomes

Lunch and Break refreshments included

Feedback from previous sessions

I learnt what I had set out to learn – what mindfulness is and how it can be applied at any time not just at a set time in your day…The sessions fulfilled my expectations. I liked the variety and I enjoyed having some fun ones in between… I liked the material used. It was varied and I particularly liked learning about the neuroscience side of it. I like to know how this stuff works before I can apply it to myself so this answered the questions I would’ve had. (Denice - Manchester)

The venue was brilliant. Being on a boat was a different experience in itself and was an attractive aspect for attending the day. I think being on a boat made the meditations nicer too, it was nice to feel ‘floaty’ and brought a different experience to the day. I felt quite anxious at one point and was tempted to open my eyes. However I used the mindfulness techniques you were teaching us to stay in the present and understand that I could overcome the anxiety in this way…The scenery was lovely and I felt connected to nature. Also had a go on the tiller which again was a new experience…
(Katie - Liverpool)

I was struck by the enthusiasm and passion that you both portrayed as you presented and I think that had a massive impact on the enjoyment of the day. The pack was much more informative than I had expected and I like how it included the things that you read out so I could read it again afterwards…Before the day, I had wondered if 9 – 4.30/5pm might seem too long or tiring but the time passed quickly due to the variety of activities and teabreaks so it was actually a good amount of time for the day.( Alan - Manchester )

So very much more than expected. I began with an open mind yet expected to have a great experience. I continue to experience profound change in my life/relationships at work as a direct result of the workshop…..The material was extremely insightful, effective and produced quite profound insights. The reality awareness and alostatic load moved me really profoundly. The psycho educational element was spot on normalizing and encouraging discussion, openness and ownership of experience regarding the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. The material encouraged presence and connection with self and others on a deep level. The handout is a great resource which I have used since….The boat was fantastic producing healing qualities all of its own. Experiencing the framed view when I walked through the door at the back of the boat was just beautiful. It completely stopped me in my tracks. Another profound moment. I loved the cosiness of boat when listening to the delivery and working with others, nature brings out the beauty and naturalness in everything, the ever changing landscapes and views I really enjoyed steering the boat, I still feel like a child let loose.
(Liz - Liverpool)

You both are you’re material … clear, concise, informative… relaxed and professional. You both have amazing healing qualities, a profound, safe, genuine and real presence…
(Debbie - Southport)

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